Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day of rest

Today Sydney didn’t feel well so we had an unexpected day at home.  My Mom came and got Trevor for a few hours and Sydney truly lit up just to have some alone time with me.  She kept repeating that she loved me and then she would say “I love just being with you Mommy, by ourselves.” 

Truly precious and it really makes you realize that your kids need that individual attention.  I’ve read so many brilliant ideas to connect with your kids.  They all sound wonderful….ya know the one where each parent takes one child on a date once a month.  Also, once a month one family member gets to pick out something special to do.  I need to make an effort to actually DO all of these traditions that swarm in my head. 

Those moments are definitely what the kids remember and hold on to.  Somehow life tends to take over and all of a sudden year after year you haven't started any new traditions.  Boo hiss...... 

The kids are off of school tomorrow.  Errands, grocery shopping, maybe Halloween Costume shopping.   Halloweentown will be here before we know it. 
Have a blessed week everyone!

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