Friday, June 10, 2011

the lake

Sundays during summer are reserved for the lake and they have been for 3 years now. 
 I love it. 
 I am definitely someone who belongs in the water, near the water, staring at the water, smelling the water, playing in the water.  I feel at home near water like no where else. 
The kids love to spend these days with their Aunt, Uncle & cousin and of course Mimi & Papa 

There are no words to express how blessed I feel that we get to make these precious memories for them...for us. 
These sundays will forever be impressioned in my mind.

The way the sun hits our muddy lake and casts a multi-blue (Mexico) look to the lake,
the marina,
eating lunch at the marina,
 the smell of sunscreen,
some ice cold drinks with a twist of fresh limes, watermelon,
football, music blaring,
kids laughing. 

It's all priceless. 
 I feel so blessed that we get to do this every weekend.

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