Friday, November 28, 2008


I have already been terrible at blogging!! Shocker!!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful one!! We spent the day cooking and headed over to Traci's about 2:00 for dinner. So many good things to eat...and we got so full. The Cowboy's won which was a bonus!! Afterward's we did our first ornament exchange!! I made ornament scrapbooks for the 3 that I drew...Trac, Syd and Dad. Mom and Dad gave us our annual swarofski snowflake which is just beautiful!!

Today we put the tree up and it is beautiful! The entire house looks like we are moving...there are so many Christmas boxes scattered everywhere! I will slowly tackle all of it this weekend. Syd is at Aidan's playing and Trevor is asleep so it's nice and quiet.

This month..has been busy and I have a few pics from Spirit Celebration which was Sydney's second competition. Green Stars took First Place AGAIN!!!! YEEAA!! Syd also won the Spirit Stick..aka Most Valuable Cheerleader at practice!! GO SYD!!
Trevor had his precious hair all cut off :( will grow again.

Trevor has been sick most of the month...Friday ended with a second trip to the Dr. A third round of anitbiotics and a ruptured ear drum...poor baby.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A day of play....

Being that Todd was gone all weekend...we decided to just spend Sunday playing around and taking Ali Edwards challenge to photograph the day...all the details no one but us will care about but still worth recording. After all, these are the things we will remember. Like Trevor and how he drinks 6 cups of milk a day (Dr. I don't know why he won't eat???)

And then there's the Macaroni and Cheese he eats almost every day...(I can't believe I am one of those moms)!!!

I've also succumb to driving him around EVERYDAY so he will take a nap...Todd says his naps cost us $100 a month...small price for sanity..I must say.

Isn't he sweet though!!

Syd and him played all day and he even shared his food with me...or at least I tried...

Night Night!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Blog

OK this is my new our family life. I am so into scrapbooking and recording the everyday moments...however, unlike scrapbooking I hope to stay in the current year with blogging. YESTERDAY was HALLOWEEN!! We had a great time...Trevor and Sydney were Vampires!! We all went to Traci and John's to Trick or Treat with Emilee the Zebra! We ate pizza and hit the neighborhood at 6:00 sharp!! The kids had a blast! We then went by a friends house for a cocktail and Trevor fell asleep on my lap!! Worn out!

TODAY..Todd is at the Deer Lease for opening kids and I attended Concordia's (a.k.a Trev's school's) Fall Festival. They loved the bouncy house and petting zoo! The lovely November heat won and we were out of there in an hour!!

My first Blog

Ok this is a test...of the blogger challenged..I may even go crazy and add a picture!!

Today we had Trevor and Emilee's Fall Festival. We only lasted an hour in the lovely 80 degree Texas heat!! They loved the bouncy house and petting zoo...all the usual festival fun!! The kids and I had a great day post Halloween. Todd is at the deer lease with my parents so we are faring alone here!! We watched movies, played ball and ate pizza for the third night in a row! Mom of the Year Award goes to........