Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Right now

A few of my favorite things right now.....

Having all of my art supplies and scrapbooking stuff out and not having to put them up for a house showing.  Knowing I can hop on over to my dining room table  art room and create any time I can squeeze in.

Just doing it...scared to do art and start and Etsy store but doing it anyway...scared to blog and wondering if anyone even cares but taking the time and doing it anyway...for me.  I've been thinking of those things for years.  I have notebooks and notebooks of ideas that have always been just that....thoughts.  I am at least setting the motion forward now.  Feels good.

Loving working out again. Getting through a really hard workout and that feeling of major accomplishment on my drive home.  It's just the best feeling.

Love the new series Heartland....my daughter tipped me off.  Love quality TV, hard to find these days

I am loving Pinterest but who isn't right?!?!  I am addicted.  I have at least 10 binders full of subjects and page dividers full of magazine pictures and articles that I have collected over the last 15 years.  That is my thing...tear out a page...slip in in a page protector and file it away, in it's appropriate category of course and have inspirtation at an arms link away anytime I want.  NOW  Pinterest has changed everything!!  A virtual like, love, I can wear that, I can make that, I want to visit there, I want my kitchen to look like this, I have to cook that right now...BOARD  right there on the puter....sigh. 
I heart this entire concept. 


I am loving my new Flip camera. Yes I know it has been out forever but oh my heck..I had no idea.  I luuuuv being able to whip  that puppy out of my purse at any given moment and the kids LOVE it too.  wink wink.

I am loving, looking at my Uggs in the closet and knowing those babies are about to be back on my feet, the leaves falling, all of my shows season premeirs, crock pot soups, my new camera strap, cute socks that sit right above my boots, and that I have a new Anthro store opening up 10 minutes from my house.  Dangerous stuff right there. Oh and pumpkin spice lattes of course.  My new Beth Moore bible study on the book of John.  If you have never taken a Beth Moore study, you must. She is phenominal.

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